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Blackview OSCAL PAD 8 High-Performance Tablet Review

As a buyer, I have strict requirements for the performance, features, and design of digital products. Recently, I purchased a Blackview OSCAL PAD 8 tablet, and after a period of use, I will analyze the pros and cons of this product from several aspects.


High-Performance Configuration: The Blackview OSCAL PAD 8 is equipped with a powerful SC9863A octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of ROM. This ensures excellent performance in multitasking and application running. Smooth multitasking and app switching provide users with an efficient usage experience.

Immersive Large Screen: The 10.1-inch large screen provides a broader view for watching videos, playing games, and browsing the web. Additionally, the tablet’s resolution and color representation are impressive, enhancing the vividness of images.

4G LTE Connectivity: With support for 4G LTE network connectivity, users can enjoy high-speed internet even in the absence of Wi-Fi. This feature is particularly convenient for travel or outdoor use.

Latest Android 11: The Blackview OSCAL PAD 8 runs on the Android 11 operating system, featuring a more user-friendly interface design, enhanced privacy controls, and a smoother user experience. Users can explore the latest OS features and security enhancements.


Average Camera Performance: While the Blackview OSCAL PAD 8 is equipped with a camera, its performance is average. In low-light conditions, photos taken may exhibit some noise and lack clarity.

Relatively Heavy: Due to the large screen and powerful hardware, the Blackview OSCAL PAD 8 has a relatively heavier weight. Prolonged one-handed use might lead to some fatigue.

Considerable Software Customization: While Android 11 brings numerous advantages, Blackview has implemented some customizations to the system. While these provide unique functionalities, they may occasionally affect system stability and update speed.

In conclusion, the Blackview OSCAL PAD 8 tablet holds significant appeal from a buyer’s perspective due to its robust performance, immersive large screen experience, and 4G LTE connectivity. While it does have some drawbacks in terms of camera performance, weight, and software customization, these issues are not overly detrimental. If you are seeking a high-performance tablet for enjoying multimedia content on a large screen and wish to experience the latest Android 11 OS, then the Blackview OSCAL PAD 8 is certainly worth considering.

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