Logitech G90 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse 2500DPI Lightning Speed Operation For PC / Laptop – Black

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Based on the powerful G1 and G100 and other previous generation mouse products, G90 uses Logitech’s unique Delta Zero sensor technology to provide a high-precision control experience.

G90 photoelectric gaming mouse has four times higher than the standard USB mouse reporting rate, the user can operate at the same time quickly capture, the rapid implementation of each instruction.

Whether it is flying across the screen or moving back and forth at a pixel, a sensor with an accuracy of 2500 DPI can react accurately to any hand action.

The wavy grip gives good comfort, regardless of the size of the palm of your hand, what type of grip.

Exquisite inverted trapezoidal contours are easy to grasp naturally, whether you use your left hand or right hand.

In any game environment, can be the right attack. Simply press the button on the rear of the wheel to instantaneously switch between three DPI levels from pixel-level precision positioning (250 DPI) to lightning speed operation (up to 2500 DPI).



Brand: Logitech
Type: Wired Mouse 
Model: G90 
Color: Black

Specification Resolution: 250DPI – 2500DPI
Maximum Acceleration*: 20 G
Maximum Speed*: up to 4.08 m (120 in) / sec
*Based on the test results of the common gaming mouse pad surface
USB Reporting Rate: up to 500 times / sec
Dynamic Friction Coefficient*: 0.09 μ (k)
Static Friction Coefficient*: 0.14 μ (s)
*Based on wooden desktop test results
Button (left/right): can withstand 5 million clicks
Moving Distance Life: 250 km
Weight & Dimensions Product Weight: 0.09kg
Package Weight: 0.15kg
Product Dimensions: 116 x 63 x 35mm
Package Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 50mm
Package Contents 1 x Logitech G90 Wired Mouse
1 x User Manual


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