AJAZZ GTI 5000DPI 3/9 Buttons Mice Adjustable Lighting Effects Optical USB Wired Mouse Optical Gaming Mouse-Gray

$ 65.99


Magnetic Attraction Module

The button module or ergonomic module can be attached to the mouse.

Key Module

The thumb movement area of a key module is large. The suitable games are LOL/DOTA2/PUBG/OW, etc. 9 key modules, rich in functions, suitable for complex key functions, such as MMORPG / designer, etc.

Ergonomic Module

Comfortable Engineering Module is suitable for long-term office learning.

Extreme Mod

Suitable for use scenarios requiring quick mouse sliding, such as playing games

50000 DPI

Click the DPI button to switch six DPI, adjust DPI: 800 (red light) – 1600 (green light) – 2400 (blue light) – 3200 (yellow light) – 4200 (blue light) – 5000 (purple light)

Drive System

Mouse drivers can be downloaded and installed on the official website to adjust the performance of the mouse.


General Brand: AJAZZ
Type: Wired Mouse
Model: GTI
Color: Gray
Specification Brand: Ajazz
Product type:  Gaming mouse
Key button: 3 key or 9 key
Key life: 20 million times
Resolution : 800-5000DPI
Mouse engine type: Optical engine
Wire specification: 1.6 m Nylon Braided wire
Decorative light: Adjustable Lighting Effects
Ergonomic Design: Comfort Module and Tournament Module

USB rate:1000Hz
Mouse acceleration: 20G
Mouse tracking speed: 100 inch/s
Mouse lift height: 2.0-2.5mm
System support: Windows XP/Win 7/Win 8/ Vista

Weight & Size Package Weight: 0.18kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 23*17*7cm 
Package Contents 1 x AJAZZ GTI Mouse
2 x Button Module
2 x Handfeel Engineering Module


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