HYPESPEED wireless technology, the transmission speed is greatly improved.
HYPESPEED wireless transmission technology can rival wired transmission speed or even surpass, and can perform swipe and click instantly. In complex environments, you can seamlessly switch between frequencies, allowing you to play in an excellent state.
16000DPI native 5G optical engine
Using PAW3369 optical sensor, it is excellent in accuracy, the pointer has a good sense of control, the performance is more flexible, it can synchronize the small movement changes of your hand, and it is handy in various games.
About 450 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode
HYPESPEED wireless connection, up to about 285 hours of battery life, you can also switch to low-power Bluetooth mode to extend battery life, about 450 hours of battery life.
Razer mechanical mouse flicks, about 50 million clicks life
Designed to achieve fast and precise mouse clicks, optimized and adjusted to create faster game response times, up to approximately 50 million key click lifespans, ideal for players.


General Brand: Razer
Type: Wireless Mouse
Model: Basilisk X Hyperspeed
Color: Black
Sensor:PAW3369 Optical sensor
Main buttons: 50 million clicks
Wireless technology:2.4GHZ, equipped with HYPESPEED technology, Bluetooth 5.0
Acceleration: 40G
Weight & Dimensions Product Weight: 0.083kg
Product Dimensions: 130 x 60 x 42mm
Package Contents 1 x Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Mouse
1 x user manual


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