HXSJ Q3 Wired Computer Speaker Long Bar Dual Speakers AUX 3.5mm Audio Plug and USB Charging interface for Home Computer Smartphones

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First of all, we would like to thank you for choosing to use our Audio bar product with wire Q3, please read the user manual carefully before your use.Right operation will make the performance of the product better.Q3 speaker will provide you perfect stereo sound for your tablet, laptop, mobile phone, MP3 player, etc.
Product specification
Product Color:Black
External interface:MICRO USB Interface and AUX Interface
Product power:5W*2
Output power:5W*2
Power cord length:1.5M
Audio cable length:1.5M
Signal to noise ratio:85dBA
Material:ABS+ Aluminum Alloy
Frequency reponse range:2.4GHZ- 2.480GHZ
Supply voltage and current:MICRO USB power supply line/5V 1A/2A
Product net weight:540g
Product specification:42cm*8.3cm*4.7cm
Package Size:43.8*11*6cm
Package Weight:775g
Packing list
1.Q3 Wired Speaker * 1
2.1.5M 3.5 male-to-male audio shielded cable* 1
3.1.5M USB power supply line*1
4.Wall hook*2
5.Wall hook screws*2
6.English User manual*1
How to use
1.Plug both the 3.5 AUX audio cable and the MICROUSB power
cable into the LIN and DC 5V product jacks respectively.
2.Plug the other end of the 3.5 AUX audio cable into the output
port of the audio source, and check if the audio source is muted.
3.Plug the other end of the USB power cable into the USB port of
your computer, tablet, charger, etc.with 5V1A and 5V2A output.
4.You can adjust the volume button on the top of the product to
the appropriate position according to your needs.
Q:Does Not Work
A:1.Because the product has a wire control board without battery, SO you must use USB charging cable to get power.
2.The above AUX and USB cable should be used at the same time then the machine can work.
Q:One Side No Sound
A:1.Make sure the 2 ends of the AUX cable are inserted in place.
2.Try to adjust the volume rotation button.
Q:Noise After Insert
A:1.Please use the supplied AUX audio shield cable and make sure both ends are plugged into the input and output holes.
2.Please try to access the USB power supply from the USB port of the same product as the volume output.
1.If you put the product on your working table, it may move slightly when the volume is at its maximum, so please be careful to protect it from falling.
2.Power supply, do not use the feature phone charger.You can use the smartphone charger.Otherwise, it may cause whistling and noises.

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