12 inch LCD Writing Tablet Highlighting LCD Children’s Graffiti Board Electronic Hand-painted Board Light Energy Small Blackboard [Upgraded Version]

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Tips for using the writing pad
1.When the writing pad is left for a long time or not used for a long time, the delete button may not be deleted.Please remove the battery, rub it with your fingers, or clamp the positive and negative poles of the battery with a metal object for 3-5 seconds , You can reactivate the battery, do not reverse the front and back of the battery, reinstall it into the writing board and delete it normally;
2.The initial state of the handwriting pad lock button is off, please confirm whether the lock button is turned on for the first use.
12 inch LCD Writing tablet highlighting lcd children’s graffiti board electronic hand-painted board light energy small blackboard [Upgraded Version]
Package dimensions
Length:287mm 11.30in
Width:188mm 7.40in
Height:10mm 0.39in
Product Size
Length:286mm 11.18in
Width:186mm 7.32in
Height:4mm 0.19in
Net weight:165g
Gross weight:215g
Note:This is the upgraded second-generation product.The overall performance has been improved, and the appearance and color are slightly different.

Weight 0.215 kg


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