Xraydisk M.2 PCIE NVMe internal SSD Hard Disk 128GB 256GB 512GB Solid State Drive for Laptop Desktop

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Capacity 128GB / Capacity 256GB / Capacity 512GB /

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4.Protocol:PCI-E NVMe
6.Capacity:128GB/ 256GB/ 512GB
PCIE:Display Capacity:Read Speed Range:Write Speed
1.Xraydisk professional chip PCIE SSD, high performance.
2.Xraydisk PCIE NVMe SSD handles everything from design to work.
3.High efficiency, low power consumption.
4.Efficient heat-dissipation, quite running.
5.Speed up your computer, express startup software, and speed up your working hours.
6.Wide compatibility.
Package Included
1 X Xraydisk M.2 PCIE NVMe Internal SSD
Q1.Why the capacity displayed from PC is smaller than original capacity
A1:Actual usable space maybe less than the total storage capacity listed due to decimal measurement used to represent usable capacity of the SSD.
Actual capacity calculation:Total storage x 0.93
Factory default setting 1GB=1000MB=1000000KB=1000000000B
Computer system setting:1GB=1024MB=1048576KB=1073741824B
Example:360GB SSD
Factory capacity:360x1000x1000x1000=360000000000B
Transfer to PC display actual capacity:360000000000B/1024/1024/1024=335G
Fast caculation:360Gx0.93=335G
Q2:How to format SSD and achieve 4K alignment
A2:Win 7 or higher version OS is recommanded due to ‘Disk Management’.Formatting function is built in the systems.We recommend NTDS Disk partition format and DISKGENIUS tool to make drive partition.
PS:Please make sure your PC system runs under AHCI mode.Otherwise SSD write/ read speed performance and response time will be affected.
Use as SSD Benchmark to check if SSD has complied with 4K alignment and already been under AHCI model.
Q3:Why can’t we find SSD hard disk and read/ write data
A3:The newly bought SSD generally need to be formatted in Disk Management before using.It is recommand to format in the windows operating system and use NTFS format.

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