Proportional Scale Divider Drawing Tool Multifunctional Plastic Drawing Ruler Stationery Artists Students Supplies

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The proportional scale divider tool is not just for architects, but also a necessary tool for the artist.
The tool allows you to transfer an image into the same scale as well as smaller or larger dimensions.
The proportional scale divider tool can align your desired subject matter in the small end of the divider and transfer the spacing of the larger end to your drawing surface.
Easy to use:there is a locking device so that you can keep the same proportion on your drawing.
Adjustable:by moving the blue tab, the scale can be adjusted from 1:1 to 1:5, adjusted for any subject size.
Durable materials:our proportional scale divider is made of sturdy and light plastic, easy to carry and available for long-term use.
Material:durable plastic material
Package Includes
1 x proportional scale divider
Measuring Tips
Use small end of divider to measure the height of the desired object.
Transfer the spacing of the large end to your drawing surface.

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