Ender3/CR-10 Short-range Extruder New Upgrade Kit with Metal Mounting Plate for 3D Printer

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Type(please select the type you wanted)
A= just mountingplate
B=Mounting Plate + extruder without motor
Product name:Ender3/3s/CR-10 short-range upgrade kit
Product use:3D printer upgrade short-range extruder
1.Upgrade the short-range extruder, extrude consumables, and return the shaft more accurately and with higher precision.
2.Increase the synchronization wheel to reduce wear and improve stability.
3.Compatible with more consumables such as flexible consumables TPU, making it easier to change materials.
4.All-metal structure, easy to replace, and increased cooling holes.
5.The short-range and long-range extrusion can be switched at any time, which is convenient to disassemble and does not affect the original printer function.
Package Included
1 x Ender3/CR-10 Short-range Extruder New Upgrade Kit (without motor)

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