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Aituxie XS-Q12S 12 inch LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Split Screen Writing Board Mouse Pad Ruler Message Board Hangable Drawing Tablet for Student office Writing with Pen

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Tips for using the writing pad
1.When the writing pad is left for a long time or not used for a long time, the delete button may not be deleted.Please remove the battery, rub it with your fingers, or clamp the positive and negative poles of the battery with a metal object for 3-5 seconds , You can reactivate the battery, do not reverse the front and back of the battery, reinstall it into the writing board and delete it normally;
2.The initial state of the handwriting pad lock button is off, please confirm whether the lock button is turned on for the first use.
Product Name:Writing Tablet
Size:12 inch
Handwriting Color:Green
Cleaning:Button Split elimination
Writing life:鈮0,000 times
Power:button battery
1.It adopts advanced bistable liquid crystal pressure-sensitive display technology.There is no power consumption in the painting process, only a button battery is needed, can drive for months, or even more than a year.No need to charge, write pictures at any time, just take them and use them;
2.Split Screen and Partial Elimination:The writing surface is divided into upper and lower areas according to the golden ratio, half of the written content can be retained and half eliminated.In the work, half of them write to-do items and half of them are temporary notes; When you are with your child, half of the questions are given and half of the answers are written;
3.It’s not just a sketchpad:As a ruler, you can measure whenever you want; It’s Also a mouse pad, Easy to solve the problem of Internet mouse insensitivity; In addition to the elimination of split screen writing, it also supports the mode of full screen content lock and anti-deletion;
4.Can be used as a message board:There is a magnet on the back, which can be attached to the refrigerator and smooth walls, and the suspension does not occupy a position
5.1.5 mm with no raised edge, which is pleasing to hold.Only about 210grams of net weight and 3.9mm of body thickness, portable, lightweight and comfortable;
6.Neat:Desktop is no longer full of messy paper, to-do items, telephone notes.Inspiration capture, mind mapping, calculation, all the content that needs to be recorded temporarily can be gracefully written on this wonderful noteboard;
7.Split screen writing and one key clearing:Full of sense of science and technology, used for mathematical calculation and graphic drawing, Or art poems and English writing more than 50000 times Of writing.The stack height of the same number of A4 paper can reach 5 meters;
8.Business communication, special notes, minimalist design appearance.Take it to coffee shop, sunshine house and President’s office; Elegant, shining everywhere;
9.When communicating with multiple people, the players, strategic planning, system architecture.Product creativity, art design, too many simple language is not easy to express, write a paragraph, draw a picture, instantly understand;
Package Included
1 x Writing Tablet
1 * Pen

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