Right-Type All Metal BMG Extruder Dual Gear NF Bowden Extruder for Prusa I3 3D Printer

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The using reference video is provided for you
BMG uses internal 3:1 ratio gears along with precision-machined stainless steel CNC drive gears to give you a compact drive for all applications.Whether you need high-resolution prints from Small nozzles or high flow prints from large nozzles, an optimized gear ratio in conjunction with our industry-leading car gears provides unmatched pressure on and lightning-fast retractions in a lightweight and compact package.
– Because it’s made of metal, you don’t have to use the V6 heat sink during short-printing, which saves space and improves heat dissipation performance.
– The printing effect is better than for plastic materials.Printing with high hardness materials such as carbon fiber is very good.
– More smooth
– Remotely and Short distance can suit
– Type:Right size
– Model:Mk8
Package Included
1 x (Right)Metal Extruder1 xGear
1 x Teflontube
1 x Upgraded version of pneumatic connector
3 x Wrench

Weight 0.195 kg


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