Expansion Board for Grove Sensor MCU STM32 Grove Base Hat for Raspberry 2/3B/4/Zero

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Working voltage:3.3V
Grove port:6 digital (3.3V), 4 analog (3.3V), 3 12C (3.3V), 1 PWM (3.3V), 1 RPISER (UART):connect to tree poison (3.3V), 1 SWD
Grove-Digital:Direct connection with tree poison
Grove-Analog:Connect to STM32F030F4P6 (12-bit ADC), then convert to I2C signal, and transmit directly to Tree Poison
Grove-I2C:Directly connect with Treebase
Grove-PWM:Directly connect with the tree base
RPISER:directly connected with the tree mold
SWD:Burn the firmware to STM32F030F4P6
Link header pin of tree pie:40
Package includes
1 x Expansion Board

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