Lerdge BP6 Aluminum High Temperature M6 Heating Block + Throat Kit

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Type:BP6 High temperature
Nozzle accuracy:1.75mm/0.4mm
Weight:about 32g
The difference between the BP6 low-temperature hotend and the BP6 high-temperature hotend is that the throat is different and the others are the same.
BP6 Hotend related parts
1.The heating block and radiator are made of high-purity aviation aluminum and manufactured by CNC machining center.The anodized surface is with matte texture.
2.High-purity stainless steel material is provided on the throat tube.The unique thick-walled design with the same diameter and the rib design makes it easier to install.
3.The nozzle is made of high-quality international brass that produced by high-precision machining.The chamfering design allows the inner wall to be smooth, and the contact surface flat.The outlet hole of the filament is in the center avoids unsmooth threading and plugging.The laser engraving specifications of each nozzle makes it more convenient to recognize.
Package Included
1x Heating block
1x Nozzle
1x Throat

Weight 0.014 kg


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