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BUJIATE 42BYGH34 4.0A Stepper Motor Drive + 42 Stepper Motor Kit for Torque 0.30N.M 1.3A Length 34MM 2 Phase 42 Stepper Motor 3D Printer

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Body height 34MM
Torque 0.3N.m
Current 1.3A
5MM, D type shaft in shaft diameter;
Shaft length 23mm;
Wire outlet mode:two-phase four wires (black A+green A-red B+blue B-)
The TB6600 upgraded driver is a professional two-phase mixed type stepper motor driver, which can be adapted to various brands at home and abroad.The current is 4.0A and below, and the outer diameter is 39, 42, 57 mm four-wire, six-wire, and eight-wire.Two-phase mixed type stepping motor.It is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments, such as:engraving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, laser phototypesetting, plotter, numerical control machine tool, holding device, etc.It works well in equipment where users expect low-cost and high-current operation.
Signal input:single-ended, pulse/direction
Subdivision is optional:1/2/4/8/16/32 subdivision
Output current:0.5A-4.0A
Input voltage:9-42VDC
The current is automatically halved at rest
It can drive 4, 6, 8 wire two-phase and four-phase stepper motors
Optocoupler isolation signal input, strong anti-interference ability
It has the functions of overheating, overcurrent, undervoltage lockout, and input voltage reverse connection protection
Small size, easy to install
External signal 3.3-24V universal, no need for series resistance
籘he current is selected by the dial switch 籘he interface adopts high-speed optocoupler isolation 籈ight subdivisions are adjustable
籄utomatic half flow to reduce heat generation 籐arge area heat sink is not afraid of high temperature environment use 籗trong anti-high frequency interference ability
籌nput voltage anti-reverse connection protection 籓verheating, overcurrent short circuit protection 籉ailure red warning light
Control signal connection
PUL+:Pulse signal input is positive.PUL-:Pulse signal input is negative.
DIR+:Positive and negative control of the motor.DIR-:Motor positive and reverse control negative.
ENA+:Motor offline control positive (generally not connected).ENA-:Motor offline control negative (generally not connected).
Motor winding connection
A+:Connect the A+ phase of the motor winding.A-:Connect the A-phase of the motor winding.
B+:Connect the B+ phase of the motor winding.B-:Connect the B-phase of the motor winding.
Power supply voltage connection
VCC:positive terminal of power supply ‘+’ GND:negative terminal of power supply ‘-‘
Note:DC range:9-42V is recommended.It can reach 50V, and it can’t exceed this range, otherwise it will not work normally or even damage the drive.
Package includes
1 x 42BYGH34 42 Stepper Motor + 4.0A Stepper Motor Drive

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