Creatlity 3D Dual Z-axis Upgrade Kit with Mainboard/LCD Screen/Filament Sensor for CR-10S

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$ 220.91

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Lead screw:T8*8mm
Motherboard size:11×9.5cm/4.33 Inchx3.7 Inch
Display mainboard size:9.2×8.5cm/3.6 Inchx3.34 Inch
Display size:7x4cm/2.75 Inchx1.57 Inch
Work with:E/Z/Y/X axis motor
Package Included
1 x CR-10S mainboard
1 x LCD display
1x Filament Sensor Kits
1x Motor wires
1x Lead Screw Bracket with Brass Nut
1x Z Coupler
1x Dual Z Stepper Cable
1x 34mm Stepper Motor
1x Lead Screw
1x Lead Screw Bearing Guide
1x Z Motor Bracket With Screws And T-nuts
with Screws

Weight 1.116 kg


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