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Cloned i3 MK3 Multi Material 2.0 MMU2 Board Upgraded MM Control Mainboard with 3pcs TMC2130 Chip for 3D Printer

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Product name:MMU2 Control Board
With 3pcs TMC2130 Chip
Support supports up to 5 materials loaded at the same time.
It’s just like printing on the standard MK3–slice the model, export the G-Code, put it on an SDcard and you can start printing right away without any hassle.Plus, our MMU 2.0 is the only device that supports up to 5 materials loaded at the same time.
the new MMU 2.0 has a direct-drive feed and a motorized selector head with an integrated filament sensor that takes care of loading and unloading filaments.It’s pretty cool to watch it go.We know that the original multi-material addon was prone to jamming (also because of the Bowden system), so we decided to fix that.The selector has a built-in blade that will cut off the filament tip if it gets stuck during unloading.As a result, the new unit is less sensitive to the filament quality, and jams should be a thing of the past now!
It placed three buttons at the top of the MMU 2.0 body – two for moving the selector’s head and one for loading/unloading filaments.The buttons also have some advanced functions.For example, you can use them to calibrate the length of the PTFE tube.
MMU 2.0 supports printing in Single Mode, which works the same way as printing on a standard MK3 machine.You can have five of your favorite filaments loaded and just choose the best one for the current job.Also, we’re working on a firmware update that will allow printing older MK3 G-codes in MMU2 Single Mode.
The MMU2 installation is a good opportunity to upgrade your extruder to a better one.It features an improved cooling system, enables easier printing of flexible materials and it has some little tweaks like reworked cable management.
Package Included
1* MMU2 control board
1* USB
3* Heatsink

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