Upgraded 3D Printing Pen with 2 Filaments + Power Adapter + User Manual for Children

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Material:Plastic + Steel
Size:approx.18 x 32 mm
Using the 3D Printing Pen
1.Once the plastic has been loaded, the 3D Printing Pen is ready or creation.
2.Press and bold the forward button to begin the flow of plastic.
3.Release the forward button to stop the flow of plastic.
(Note:Plastic will still continue to flow out of the nozzle for a few moments after you release the button.Take this into consideration while you use it.
Loading Plastic
1.Insert a piece of 1.75mm plastic filament into the loading box near the middle of
the 3D Printing Pen and feed it until you feed it until you feel it stop.
(Note:The plastic loads best when it has a clean, flush cut edge.
2.Press the load button on the side of box firmly, then load the filament further until
it stops.This loads the plastic filament into the gears.
3.Hold down the forward/load button near the tip of the pen.You will see the plastic
filament slowly moving into the pen.
(Note:Please do not force or jam the plastic into the pen while it is loading.)
4.As you hold the load/forward button, the melted plastic will begin to come out of
the tip.Now the plastic is fully loaded.
Package Included
1 x 3D Printing Pen
2 x Plastic Filaments
1 x Adapter (We will send you a plug adapter according to your country.)
1 x User Manual

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