TWO TREES 5M PTFE Tube Red/Blue/Black/White/Transparent Nozzle Feed Tube 2x4mm with Portable Cutter for 3D Printer

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Color. P / Color. Red / Color. Transparent / Color. Black / Color. White / Color. Blue /

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Diameter:2mmX4mm (inner diameter 2mm outer diameter 4mm)
Temperature range:-190 degrees Celsius – 280 degrees Celsius
1.Corrosion resistance, can withstand the action of molten alkali metal, fluorinated medium, strong oxidant, reducing agent and various organic solvents.
2.Self-lubricating, with the smallest coefficient of friction in plastic, is an ideal oil-free lubricating material.
3.The surface is not sticky, it is known that solid materials can not adhere to the surface, is a solid material with the smallest surface energy.
4.resistance to atmospheric aging, radiation resistance and low permeability, long-term exposure to the atmosphere, surface and performance remain unchanged.
5.Otherwise, the oxygen limit index is below 90.
6.The future dispersion polymerization of Sifo ethylene resin is processed by paste pressing, and the appearance is pure white.
7.High temperature and low temperature.
Tube Cutter
1.This Pipe cutter is easy and safe to use ,durability,Waterproof design
2.Features a stainless steel blade and spring.The housing is made from tough durable plastic.There’s a hole through the end so you can attach it to a key chain, hang it on a necklace, etc., so you won’t lose it.
3.Fits up to 6mm diameter tubing.Can also be used to cut filament.Suitable for PE or PU hoses, Can be cut into different lengths PE pipe and PU trachea according to requirements.(Do not use as a wire cutter or you will dull the blade, however.)
4.To properly seat your Bowden tube, it is imperative to have a clean, square, end.Without this, you risk oozing, or worse, clogging, in the hot end.This super-sharp tubing cutter is the perfect tool for obtaining a clean, square cut in your tubing, every time.
Package Included
1* PTFE Tube 5M
1* Tube Cutter
5 Colors Optional Red/Blue/Black/White/Transparent
If you choose Option P, you will get the Tube Cutter Only

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