Netcore N3 Wireless Wifi Router 1200M 7dBi Antenna Gigabit Router Dual Band 5G 128MB 1GHz Chip Home Router

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Hardware Specifications
Product model:N3
Transmission distance:1 – 15m
Port:WAN port:1 * 10 / 100 / 1000M adaptive
LAN port:4 * 10 / 100 / 1000M adaptive
Wireless spectrum:2.4G band:300Mbps
5G band:866Mbps
Wireless protocol:IEEE802.11 b/g/n/ac
Antenna gain:4 * 7dBi omnidirectional antenna
LED indication:9 * dark blue LED indicator
Power supply specification:12V / 1A (CN plug)
Button:1 * Default, 1 * WPS
Work environment:Working temperature:0 鈩~ 40 鈩o:p>
Storage temperature:- 40 鈩~ 70 鈩o:p>
Port upgrade – full Gigabit
Provide 1 * Gigabit WAN port and 4 * Gigabit LAN port to meet the bandwidth access of 100M, 200M, 500M and above, and make full use of bandwidth resources.
Chip upgrade – 1GHz
Equipped with 1GHz high-performance CPU chip, the data processing speed is faster, the high broadband data packet forwarding ability is stronger, and the network speed is higher.
Memory upgrade – 128M
Stable load 64 sets.Strong performance, easy to deal with high traffic concurrency, many people at the same time online to watch video, play games, but also stable network speed does not drop.
* Antenna upgrade – 7dBi
7dbi high gain antenna has wider signal coverage than ordinary 5dBi antenna, stronger signal penetration and no harm to human body, improves signal dead angle, and can smoothly brush video in the corner of home.
* Wechat direct management
No need to download app, more practical function, more convenient management.
* Online / offline real time reminder
By paying attention to the online and offline reminders of the device, wechat will send the online status of the device in real time, understand the time of the elderly and children leaving home and going home, care more about their families, and give you a rest assured.
* Children’s online time control
The Internet time of the router can be set to control children’s Internet time, so that children can develop a reasonable work and rest time.
Supports one click to replace router
No need to reconfigure when replacing the old router, no need to worry about forgetting the internet account password, one click Copy of the old router’s Internet settings, fast Internet access.
Package Includes
1 * Router
1 * Power adapter
1 * Network cable
Please note
-The original plug of this router is CN plug, and we will send the free correct plug adapter that suitable for your country in the shipping address if necessary.

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