Jinghua Type-C USB3.1 Male to Male Double Head OTOC Data Cable PD Fast Charging Cable for Notebook Phone Hard Drive

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Function:transmission / charging two in one
Outer:TPE + nylon braided body
Wire core:tinned copper wire core
Applicable Type-C interface equipment
Apple:For MacBook2018, 2017, 2016, 2015
Huawei:For MateBook脳Pro, MateBook13
Xiaomi:For Pro notebook, Air notebook
Dell:For XPS13, XPS15, XPS Premium Edition
Lenovo:For YogaC930, ThinkPad脳1
HP:For EliteBook FolioG1
Tablet:For iPadPro11.iPadPro12.9
Game console:For Nintendo switch
Mobile phone:For Type-C interface mobile phone:For Huawei, For Honor, For Xiaomi, For Samsung
-Wire material that meets the USB Association standard.16-core tinned copper core wire H44 steel wire shielding network, higher transmission rate, faster charging
-The mobile phone is connected to the large-screen display.One-line connection, plug and play, enjoy the big screen
-Tinplate solves EMI interference.The tinplate metal shield is laser welded to form an integrated structure with the connector to prevent external interference and improve data transmission stability
-The mystery of the aluminum shell never falling off.The aluminum shell is internally processed by CNC, and the aluminum shell is placed in the injection mold for direct molding, solving the industry problem that the aluminum shell often falls off in the viscose process
-The computer is connected to the mobile hard disk, charging and transferring can be performed at the same time.
-USB 3.1 transfer rate, large files can be transferred in seconds, data can be transferred between notebooks and mobile phones that support Type-C interface
-Support PD fast charging standard, maximum power up to 100, backward compatible with different fast charging protocols
-Nylon woven exterior is used for a long time as new.Nylon braided quilt, tightly wrapped TPE thread body, durable
Package included
1* Data Cable

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