Golden Field M02U Star Gaming Microphone 360 Sensitive Pickup intelligent Noise Reduction Widely compatible Plug and Play

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Brand:Golden Field
Pickup Size:蠁6*2.7mm
Pickup Sensitivity:-32卤3dB
Pickup Impedance:2.2K惟
Pickup Frequency Range:50HZ-10KHZ
Pickup Rated Voltage:2V
Highest Voltage:10V
1.Use high-quality microphones to effectively and accurately pick up the sound, reduce and suppress the background environment noise.
2.360掳 omnidirectional sensitive sound pickup, omni-directional recognition.
3.Equipped with a metal gooseneck design, you can twist the angle of the microphone as you like.
Package Included
1 x Microphone
1 x User Manual

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