P67 Computer Water Cooling Pump G1/4 Thread 4Pin Cinculating Mute Fluid DIY cooling Components for PC

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Product Name:SC-P67A
Maximum lift:3.5M
Maximum flow:450L/H
Working current:0.6A
Working voltage:DC12V
Design life:50,000 hours
Working temperature:-10~50鈩o:p>
Maximum speed:2600RPM
Working noise:鈮5DB
Power interface:small 4PIN interface, support PWM speed regulation
Remarks:Three-phase sine wave DC brushless motor, using MCU control POM+acrylic material
1.Special water pump for small chassis:support PWM speed control, the speed line is directly inserted into the small 4P port of the main board, and the overall size is only 62*62*40mm.
2.Transparent acrylic cover:Acrylic cover is matched with colorful lights, without a controller, it can automatically change color and come out softly and brilliantly.
3.Double inlet and double outlet:a pair of inlets and outlets are set on the top and side of the pump body, 2*2 multiple waterway options, flexible waterway layout, convenient installation and improved work efficiency.
4.Powerful motor:It adopts MCU control of three-phase sine wave DC brushless motor, which is designed for quietness; with the core technology of the pump core, it provides good power for the water cooling system.
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1 * SC-P67A Water Cooling Pump

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