WiredLink Mini PCI-E&NGFF Notebook External independent Graphics Adapter Card USB to SATA Docking Station Network Card M.2 key External 16X

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Product name:PCI-E 16X
Product model
Wire length:20CM
Product interface:(A)Mini PCI-E & (B)NGFF
1.Stable power supply.The graphics card uses 3 FP solid capacitors to make the graphics card power supply more stable and safe.The riser card has a large 4pin interface with a fixed foot to enhance the power supply.It can be converted to a SATA port with a SATA-to-large 4pin cable, so that the graphics card power supply is independent from the motherboard, thereby reducing the burden on the motherboard when multiple graphics cards are connected.
2.Strong performance:The graphics card slot adopts original high-quality materials to make the graphics card contact better.The PCI-E connector uses multi-layer shielded wire, which can be connected up to 3M without signal attenuation.
1.Be sure to recognize the direction when plugging in, and don’t plug it in reverse or off-position to prevent the device from being burned.When plugging in, hold the socket of the device before plugging in, avoiding excessive force to break the socket pin.
2.When MINI PCI-E is switched to 16X, only 1X signal is used.Some devices may not be able to recognize it.Please be aware.
Q:What is this equipment used for
A:Through this device, the laptop can be connected to a desktop independent graphics card, such as GTX750, GTX960, HD7750.(PS:The graphics card is not included in the package, and the graphics card needs to be purchased separately according to your needs), which greatly improves the gaming performance of the notebook.It can also be used for video processing and CUDA operations.
Q:Which notebooks can be used
A:There are many notebooks that can be used.At present, the interfaces we support are Mini PCI-E, NGFF (M.2 A/E key), Expresscard, and M.2 M key.Generally, notebooks with the above interfaces can use external graphics cards (PS:due to the compatibility problems caused by individual differences in notebooks and your basic computer knowledge, we cannot guarantee that you can be 100% successful) Except for the Expresscard interface, which is plug-in card installation, other interfaces are required Disassemble and install.(USB, HDMI, SD card reader, VGA, PCMCIA, MSATA, optical drive interface, etc.are not allowed to use our equipment to connect to the graphics card.)
Q:How to choose a graphics card
A:The bandwidth of the notebook limits the performance of the external graphics card (except for the M.2 M key interface).Generally, the internal screen (using a laptop monitor) performs about 60%, and the external screen (connecting a monitor to an external graphics card) performs about 80%.It is recommended that you choose a graphics card that satisfies your game requirements and is a higher grade.(For example:your game requirement is GTX750, then it is recommended to buy GTX760.) If you use a second-hand graphics card, remember to test it on the desktop before installing it.Notebook external graphics cards are different from desktop computers, and the compatibility is not as good as desktop computers.Second-hand graphics cards should be carefully considered.
Q:How to upgrade BIOS
A:Each notebook is different, and the upgrade method is slightly different.Generally, go to the official website of the notebook and find the latest BIOS on the driver download page.After downloading, follow the instructions to run the program and continue step by step.Generally, the download page will have tutorials and precautions that can be read carefully.(PS:To upgrade the BIOS, you need to connect the laptop to the power supply, battery, and unplug the external devices.)
Q:If you enter the BIOS and set the BIOS
A:Generally, when the notebook is turned on, there will be a prompt on how to enter the BIOS at the bottom of the screen.Generally press F1, F2 or DEL.If it doesn’t work, I suggest Baidu search how to enter the BIOS of your laptop.The first BIOS setting principle is to turn off the network boot and disable the built-in independent display.
Q:Where is the external monitor connected
A:The external monitor is connected to the output terminal of the external graphics card.Generally, the graphics card has VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP and other output interfaces.(PS:It is invalid to connect an external monitor to the output of the notebook and link the output of the graphics card and the output of the notebook together)
Note:The wire color is black, red or blue and will be sent randomly.
Package Included
1* WiredLink Mini PCI-E&NGFF Notebook External Independent Graphics Adapter Card

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