SKTC VGA Graphics Card Vertical Mounting Bracket PCIE 16x Extension Cable PCI-E 3.0 x16

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Product name:Graphics card vertical mounting bracket + PCI-E 16X 3.0 extension cable
Transmission rate:128GB/bsp
Interface standard:PCI-E 16X
Support system:unlimited
Wire length:20cm
Equipment used:sound card, graphics card, wired network card, wireless network card
1.Support ATX chassis installation.The chassis needs to have at least 5 expansion PCIE slots.Since the shelf passes the coil will extend 5.5CM, when installing a 3-fan graphics card, you need to consider the length of the graphics card at the same time.The length of the chassis and the length of the water-cooled row installed on the front panel.All mini cases cannot be used.
2.The high-quality slot improves the holding force and stability of the device, and effectively prevents unstable operation caused by the loosening of the device, preventing black screen, blue screen of death and other phenomena.
3.It does not support operation in PCIE4.0 mode! If you need to use it on a 4.0 device, please enter the BIOS settings in the BIOS setting when the graphics card is directly plugged into the motherboard, and modify the PCIE to GEN3 3.0 mode and then connect the extension cable to use!
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1* SKTC VGA Graphics Card Vertical Mounting Bracket

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