8Pin Power supply Extension Cable for CPU 4+4pin Nylon Braided Mesh 18 AWG GPU PSU Sleeved

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Product name:CPU 8Pin extension cable
Power range:250W-1300W
Application range:ATX power supply, server power supply, test machine power supply, industrial power supply, etc.
Material used:Terminal is brass, phosphor bronze tin plated/plastic housing is nylon 66/1007 PVC outer skin, temperature resistance 80 degrees, voltage resistance 300V/tinned copper 18
Plastic shell material:NYLON
Wire section:0.8mm2
Finished product length:300mm
Interface type:CONNECTOR
Wire specification:163*0.08 tinned wire
Product structure:4+4P male to 8p female/UL1007 18 line
1.Solve the problem that the power supply interface of the CPU is not enough, and it can also be used for extension.
Package Included
1* 8Pin Power supply extension cable For CPU

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