KINGROON Nozzle Cleaner Kit 3D Printer Head Cleaning Needle Stainless Steel Extruder Head Cleaning Tool for MK8 Nozzle Through Holes 0.15-1.0mm

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Type 0.15mm Silver*5pcs / Type 0.2mm Silver*5pcs / Type 0.25mm Silver*5pcs / Type 0.3mm Silver*5pcs / Type 0.35mm Silver*5pcs / Type 0.4mm Silver*5pcs / Type 0.5mm Golden *5pcs / Type 0.6mm Golden *5pcs / Type 0.8mm Golden *5pcs / Type 1.0mm Golden *5pcs / Type Blu

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Product model:3D printer nozzle cleaning drill
Product material:0CR19NI19 or other austenitic stainless steel
Product features:The unique needle handle and needle body structure and size can effectively clean the nozzle of the 3D printer, and will not easily damage the nozzle of the printer.
Product Quantity:5 pieces in a box
Application:MK8 nozzle, E3D nozzle
Package includes
1 x Nozzle Cleaner Kit

Weight 0.016 kg


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