3D Printing TB6600 42/57/86 Stepper Motor Driver 4.5A 40V Common Cathode

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Operating voltage:DC 10V-45V.It is recommended to use the switching power supply DC24V or DC32V power supply.
Rated maximum output:± 4.5A
Segment:Step, half step, 1/4 steps, 1/8 steps, 1/16 steps, the largest 16 subdivision.
Volume:width 52 * length 82 * high 30 (MM)
Output current stepless adjustable to meet your needs of a variety of applications.
Automatic half-flow function.And with automatic half-flow switch, easy to use.
Using 6N137 high-speed light lotus, to ensure high-speed does not stop.
Using TB6600HG chip, with low voltage shutdown, overtemperature shutdown and overcurrent protection circuit, and compared to TB6560 increased short circuit protection.
The back of the board is printed with a subdivision set description.
With output short circuit protection function.
There are two input terminals, wiring is more convenient, you can directly connect MKS-Gen.
Suitable for within 4.2A 42,57,86 two-phase / four-phase / four-wire / six-wire stepper motor.
Automatic half-flow function.
Special note
1.The power supply can not be reversed, otherwise will burn the chip.
2.Setting current should not exceed the rated current of the motor.
Instructions for use
1.Operating voltage DC 10V-45V, it is recommended to use the switching power supply DC24V or DC32V power supply.
2.Two input terminals, can only enter a group, two groups of terminals are identical, easy wiring.
3.Input pulse level is 5V, if 12V need a string of 1K resistance, if the 24V level, the need for a string of 2.4K resistance.
4.When CLK has pulse, the motor is running, no pulse will automatically enter the set half-flow state, lock the motor.
5.When DIR low level or floating, the motor is forward, high level reversal.
6.When EN low level input or floating, will normal working, high level offline.
7.The white 4PIN bayonet terminal can be connected directly to the MKS-Gen’s signal output (note the direction).
Package includes
1 x 3D Printing TB6600 42/57/86 Stepper Motor Driver (The motherboard and motor does not includes)

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