BUJIATE 42 Stepper Motor Driver Set 0.4N.M Stepper Motor 17HS4401S+TB6600 Motor Driver 4A

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Number of phases:2
Step angle:1.8掳 卤0.09掳
Rated voltage:DC 3.6V
Rated current:DC 1.5A/phase
Phase resistance (20掳C):2.4X(1卤15%)惟/phase
Phase inductance (1KHz):3.7X (1卤20%) mH/phase
Holding torque:鈮20mN.m
Positioning torque:15 mN.m REF.
Steering (looking at shaft extension):A -AB- B-clockwise
Maximum no-load starting frequency:鈮500 PPS
Maximum no-load operating frequency:鈮900 PPS
Insulation resistance:鈮100M惟 (DC 500V)
Electric strength:AC600V/1mA/1S
Insulation class:Class B
Moment of inertia:57.3 g.cm虏
Mass:255 g REF.
Electrical parameters
Input voltage:DC9-40V
Input current:recommended switching power supply power 5A
Output current:0.5-4.0A
Maximum power consumption:160W
Temperature:working temperature -10~ 45掳C; storage temperature -40掳C~ 70掳C
Humidity:no condensation, no water droplets
Gas:no combustible gas and conductive dust
Package Included
1 x 17HS4401S stepper motor + TB6600 driver kit

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