HXSJ V500 one-handed Gaming Keyboard 35 Keys RGB Backlight Bulit-in Converter Single hand Keyboard for PC Smartphone

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Name:One-handed Gaming keyboard + converter
Product model:V500
Product interface:USB 2.0
Press the number of keys:35 keys
Key life:20 million times
Product line length:1.55m.圔raided wire
Flash ROM:32 bytes
EEPROM:Built-in 2K bytes
Operating voltage:VDD = 3.3V – 5.5V
Working current:100mA
Ambient temperature:- 40掳C – + 85掳C
Programming temperature:0掳C – + 85掳C
Lighting mode:RGB lighting, multiple lighting modes can be switched
Product net weight:357g
Product size:25.3*18*3.7cm
Package Weight:431g
Package Size:26.1*19*4cm
Package Included
1*gaming keyboard(35 keys)
1* English User manual
The keyboard backlight function is controlled as follows
Fn+F3= 8 kinds of backlight mode switching (red light 鈫blue light 鈫green light鈫purple light 鈫sky blue light 鈫yellow light 鈫white light 鈫rainbow light)
Fn+F4= Wave/Colorful Horse Race:Colorful color gradient running water.
The default wave mode.Press again to enter the colorful cycling horse mode.
Fn+F5= Backlight off/on, cycle switch.
FN+5 = Adjust the streamer speed to become faster
FN+6 = Adjust the streamer speed to slow down
Two USB interface functions
Connect the USB cable to the game console, press the logo, and connect the original handle with the mouse Connect to the corresponding USB interface
1.The product converts the keyboard and mouse functions to the corresponding game platform for game operation
2.The product must be connected to the original wired controller for wired guidance (except for the SWITCH host) in order to normally convert the keyboard and mouse to the corresponding game platform
3.Supported platforms:PS3/4, XBOX 360/one, SWITCH
4.The default two sets of key values, the mouse corresponds to the game platform function
5.The direction of the mouse axis can be switched by pressing
6.The mouse movement speed can be adjusted, and the speed of the axis can be adjusted as a whole through the ESC+R buttons.
7.Support USB upgrade
8.Product working voltage:DC 5V
LED corresponding mode
鈻When the one-handed keyboard is not connected to peripherals,
the right indicator light 鈶will be red(Check the digital number against the picture in the manual
鈻When the original handle and mouse peripherals are inserted,
the left indicator light 鈶shows green light(Check the digital number against the picture in the manual
1.Set keyboard and mouse functions
2.Connect the keyboard to the game console, and insert the corresponding original wired controller into the designated interface of the device
* Press ESC+SPACE on the keyboard at the same time to enter the mode of setting the keyboard and mouse button functions by yourself (the setting indicator lights up at this time).
* Press and hold the function button of the original handle
* Click the button on the keyboard or mouse to be set
* Release the original wired handle button
* At this time, the function of the button held down by the original handle is set to the pressed
keyboard or mouse button.(Original handle buttons function normally and will not be affected by this setting)
* After setting, press ESC+SPACE on the keyboard to save the current setting and exit the setting mode
* For example:press ESC+SPACE (space bar) to enter the setting mode, press and hold the A key of the original SWITCH handle, press the F key on the keyboard, and release the A key of the original
SWITCH handle.At this time, press the F key on the keyboard, and it will appear The function of the handle A key.
3.Cancel the function set by keyboard and mouse
* When setting the left and right joystick function of the original wired handle to the keyboard, the
direction of the joystick must be pushed to the end, and only the four directions of the joystick are set up,
down, left and right
* For the setting of the mouse, when the original wired joystick must be pushed to the end, the mouse
will slide in the corresponding direction and the mouse only supports the corresponding function of the
left and right joystick directions.
* The original handle cross keys support 8 directions setting
* During the setting process, if you do not hold down the original wired handle function key or push the joystick to the end, the original set function of the keyboard or mouse will be cleared
4.Mouse speed adjustment.孭roduct support mouse
Movement speed adjustment, the default is the third gear.
DPI speed adjustment:ESC+CAPSLOCK+A/S/D/F/G (can be adjusted cyclically).
5.Mouse Y axis direction switch
The control of the Y-axis of some games is opposite to the setting value.The game operator can adjust the Y-axis direction of the mouse by pressing ECS+R according to their own needs.
6.Description of function switching
Enter setting mode:ESC+SPACE
Exit setting mode:ESC+SPACE
籌f the keyboard does not work properly, check if the computer’s PS/2 or USB.connector is normal or the keyboard cable is broken.
籄void using the mouse and keyboard in an environment with strong sunlight, overheating or severe dust.

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