BUJIATE LMF6/8/10/12/13/16/20/25/30/35/40/50 LUU Lengthen Linear Ball Bearings for 8*15*45mm/12*21*57mm Extrusion Extended Bearings 3D Printer Part

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Type LMF6LUU size: 6*12*35 / Type LMF8LUU size: 8*15*45 / Type LMF10LUU size: 10*19*55 / Type LMF12LUU size: 12*21*57 / Type LMF13LUU / Type LMF16LUU size: 16*28*70 / Type LMF20LUU size: 20*32*80 / Type LMF25LUU size: 25*40*112 / Type LMF30LUU size: 30*45*123 / Type

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Name:Long Flange Linear Ball Bearings
Material:Bearing steel
Features:High speed, low noise, low friction
Use:Used in sliding parts of various machines
Package includes
1 x Long Flange Linear Ball Bearings
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