Netac N500S SSD 60GB/120G/240GB /320GB/480GB/960GB 2.5” Hard Disk TLC internal Solid State Drive Laptop Computer Hard Drive

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Capacity 960GB / Capacity 480GB / Capacity 120GB / Capacity 60GB /

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Model:Netac N500S SSD
CMD(MB/s):Max Read Speed:500MB/s:520MB/S:520MB/s:520MB/S:520MB/S
Max Write Speed:100MB/s:380MB/s:450MB/s:450MB/s:450MB/s
Controller:SM2258XT or SM2258
Interface:SATA III 6GB/s
DDR Support:NA
Nand Flash Type:TLC
Life Expectancy:Up to 10 million hours
Operating Temperature:0-70 °C
Storage Temperature:-40~85°C
Temperature Humidity:5%-95%
Size:0 * 7 * 0.6cm
1.Support TRIM/SMART/Wear-Leveling/SLC Cache
2.High performance, use actual data to illustrate, improve speed in game loading, improve speed in picture loading for photoshop, anti-shock, zero noise, high efficiency low power consumption
3.Suitable for a wide range of system, both laptops and desktops.In addition, if used with SSD Mounting Bracket, it can also be used as a 3.5inch solid state drive.
Package Included
1 X Hard Disk

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