SIMAX3D 5/10PCS M6 Nozzle Throat with PTFE Tube All Models Throat for 1.75mm Filament for 3D Printer

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Type M6*30 10pcs / Type M6*50 5pcs / Type M6*50 10pcs / Type M6*26.5 4.1mm 5pcs / Type M6*26S 5pcs / Type M6*30 5pcs / Type M6*40 5pcs / Type M6*30S 5pcs / Type M6*26S 4.1mm 5pcs / Type M6*40 10pcs / Type M6*26S 4.1mm 10pcs / Type M6*30S 10pcs / Type M6*30 4.1mm 10pcs

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Model:M6*30/ M6*40/ M6*50/ M6*30S/ M6*26S 4.1mm/ M6*26.5 4.1mm/ M6*30 4.1mm/ M6*26S/ M6*26S-3/ M6*26S-M/ M6*25S/ M6*25S-3 (Optional)
Quantity:5/10 pcs (Optional)
Package includes
5/10 x Throat
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