Mini USB 5.0 bluetooth Adapter bluetooth Receiver Transmitter Wireless Audio bluetooth Adapter for Windows XP /Vista/win7/win8/win10

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Name:ultra mini 5.0 adapter
Product size:12mm*15mm*4mm
Weight of bare machine:0.65g
bluetooth version:bluetooth v5.0
Transmission rate:10Mbps
Working frequency:2.4MHz
Frequency range:2.4GHz (2042-2480 MHz)
Transmission distance:0-30m
Rated voltage:DC 5V
Interface type:USB
Operating system:windows XP / vista / win7 / win8 / win10
Working humidity:75%
Storage humidity:85%
– Arc design:the arc is easy to take and insert, without affecting the side u-port.
– 5.0 Mini bluetooth adapter, let the computer have bluetooth function, easy and fast, wireless transmission.
– Win8 above system drive free, automatically compatible with bluetooth 5.0 and below 5.0 devices.
– Mobile phone / tablet connected to PC, no need to open software, no network can transfer photos / files.
– bluetooth dual-mode chip, low power consumption, flexible and powerful.
– 20 meters bluetooth transmission, get rid of the distance limit, sensitive response without delay.
Package Included
1X USB bluetooth adapter 5.0
– Under win7xp system, it is necessary to install the device compatible with 4.0 and below 4.0.

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