200*200mm 200V 500W Silicone Pad Heated Bed Heating Pad + SSR Solid State Relay Kit for 3D Printer

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Material:silicone rubber (with 3M back glue)
Size:200 x 200 mm
Fast heating, silicone rubber hot bed, low power, high temperature, uniform heat transfer, long life, high thermal efficiency conversion.Easy to install and customizable.
鉁3M adhesive is easy to install.
鉁Silicone mat heats up fast, please take anti-scalding measures!
The limit temperature of the silica gel heating plate is about 200 鈩(the silica gel material is resistant to temperature), which is easy to be burnt out if it exceeds the limit.The silica gel heating plate can not be used in water, and the surface will not be affected by water during use.
About Single-phase SSR-DA contactless solid state relay
1.dc-ac40A DC controlled AC converter;
2.Isolation voltage> 2500VAC
3.Non-contact and non-sparking design Adapt to more use environment and longer service life;
4.The heat-dissipating bottom plate has no dots, and the fire-proof and flame-retardant shell is safe and reliable.
Parameters for SSR Solid State Relay
Output current:40A
Control current:5-20mA
Control voltage:32VDC
Load voltage:24480VAC
On-State Buck
On-off time
Ambient temperature:-30°C+70°
Off-state leakage current
Electrical life:Longerlife
The range must exceed 10A
Package included
1 x 200*200mm 220V 500W Silicone Pad
1 x SSR Solid State Relay

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