GT2 Aluminium Timing Pulley 20 Teeth M4 Screw 5M Belt for RepRap 3D Printer Prusa CNC

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GT2 Pulley
Number of teeth:20
Tooth pitch:2mm
Diameter of bore:5mm
Tooth width:7mm (to fit 6mm timing belt)
Grub screws:M4
GT2 Belt
Tooth pitch:2mm
Belt shape:Open end
Material:Fibre-reinforced rubber
T2 timing belts and compatible pulleys (GT2 pulley) are popular choices for RepRaps and RepStraps.
The GT2 series of belts are designed specifically for linear motion.
For best performance you want at least 6 teeth in contact with the pulley at any given time.That minimizes the chance of the belt slipping, and helps reduce backlash even further.In practice that means you want a minimum of a 12 tooth pulley
Package includes
1 x GT2 Belt
4 x GT2 Pulley
8 x Screws
1 x Wrench (As Pictures)

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