PCI-E PCI 1x to 16x PCIE USB 3.0 Express Riser Card 3 Power Options-Ethereum Mining Bitcoin Dedicated

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Name:PCI-E to PCIE adapter extension cable
Product length:60cm
Interface:PCI-E 1X
Product performance:Extension cord graphics card SATA, 4P, 6P three interfaces (16A power supply capability) to enhance power supply
Product color:white
Product weight:0.096kg
Accessories:USB cable, motherboard, small card
System support:Llinx / xp / win7, 8, 10
1.Upgrade compatible version:6-pin + Molex 4pin + Sata 15pin,3 kinds of power supply, Any one of the power supply connected to the power supply, providing maximum compatibility.
2.FIXABLE BOARD with 4 holes available on PCI-E 16X side to fix PCI-E 16X connector to motherboard for more convenient management for graphics card.
3.4 HIGH QUALITY SOLID CAPACITORS:Voltage Regulation, and Overcurrent Protection.Gold plated contacts for perfect connectivity and a long lifespan.
4.60cm USB 3.0 extender cable enabling flexibility in the placement of your PCI-E devices.
5.008S RISER KITS are the top of the line solution for setting up Ethereum mining rigs (or any other GPU-mined altcoin), whether small open air rigs or large rack based miners, and securing your investment.
Package Listing
1 x PCI-E 16x Adapter
1 x PCI-E 1x Riser Board
1 x USB 3.0 Cable
1 x Power Cord

Weight 0.1 kg


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