24PIN Male to Female Computer Case Power Adapter Extension Cable Double Head Lamp Voice-Activated Synchronous Light-Emitting Cable

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Product name:24P ARGB luminous line
Power range:500-800W
Wire section:0.8mm
Plastic shell material:NYLON
Interface type:24PIN 4.2MM interface
1.Luminous wire for 24-Pin main board, the bottom layer is carbon gray male-to-female braided mesh extension cable, copper conductor is AWG18, and the upper layer is light-emitting device with 216×0.5mm fiber braided mesh.
2.The light source board is equipped with ARGB 5V cable to connect to the motherboard or motherboard ARGB 5v divider.
3.With a double layer structure of 1.5cm/0.59′ thickness, the neon colored lines require sufficient chassis space for installation.
4.24 copper wires are connected to the power supply line at one end, and the other end is connected to the main board, which not only satisfies the light effect of the PC case and also maintains the stability of power supply.
5.Dazzling neon lights, light flowing like a waterfall, dazzling rainbow on the front of the main board.
Package Included
1* 24PIN Male to Female Computer Case Power Adapter

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