JEYI M.2 NVME Hard Drive Cooling Box Submarine NVME Adapter Card PCIE X16 GEN3 Card for PC

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Support:2230/42/60/80 NVME
Application:PCIE X16 host and server
1.High-speed transmission:high-speed mass storage, GEN3 direct to CPU full speed.
2.All aluminum on six sides, heat dissipation at the same time, professional heat dissipation design, give your NVME disk a firm and cool space.
3.JEYI adopts powerful smart chip, built-in large-capacity tank.
4.Integrated speedLUS.Link enhanced technology, high-speed and stable, self-test without delay.
5.With double-sided high-conductivity silicon wafers, heat dissipation is more than twice as powerful as ordinary cards.
Package included
1 *JEYI M.2 NVME Hard Drive Cooling Box

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