EVESKY 400W Gaming Power Supply 12CM Fan Computer Host Power Supply Rated 400W for Video Card Non-Modular

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Model:Gaming 400W
Rated power:400W
Fan:12CM hydraulic black double frame
PFC:active PFC
Input voltage:220-240VAC
Safety certification:3C certification
Support wide format:support
Support temperature control:support
Main power interface:(20+4)Pin*1
CPU 12V power supply interface:(4+4)Pin*1
6PIN PCI-E interface:1
D type 4PIN interface:2
SATA interface:4
Peak value:500W
Power cord length:1.5m
Fan speed:900-1700RPM卤10%
Rated voltage:12V ATX
1.6 Heavy protection:prevent overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, high temperature, short circuit, and overpower.
2.Built-in energy-saving control chip, low power consumption during standby and more power saving.
3.Adopt special fan blade heat dissipation design to reduce the appearance of noise.
4.The high-density honeycomb heat dissipation holes allow the air to circulate quickly, improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and protect the internal components of the power supply.
5.Support back wiring, equipped with a variety of external interfaces.
6.Galvanized magnetic core filter, reduce 50Hz cyclic wave, so that the voltage is almost stabilized at 220V, so that the power supply can be used for a longer time.
Package Included
1* EVESKY 400W Gaming Power Supply

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