Motospeed K95 104 Key Outemu Switch Ice Blue Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Connection:USB Wired
Layout:104 Keys ANSI Layout
Switches:Outemu Blue Switch
Keycaps:Double Shot ABS Keycaps
Backlit:Ice Blue Light
Keys Without Confilct:29 Keys
Cable Length:1.6M
1.Ice blue single backlit with nine kinds of backlit modes for option, press Fn + End to switch the backlit modes.
2.Supports 29 keys operating without conflict, Tab/Caps/Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Space Bar/arrow keys/R/E/W/Q/A/S/D/F/Z/X/C/V/T/G/P/O/I/U/B key.
3.Supports macro setting without driver.
Press Fn+ key to enter into the record mode.(Light blinks slowly and it would quickly flashing if it already has the record.)
Choose the key you want to definite, light quickly flash, then input the content you want.
Press Fn + key to finish the record.Then press Fn+ Win key to enter the game mode, macro will be activated.
4.Long press Fn + Esc can restore factory setting.
Package Included
1 * Motospeed K95 Mechanical Keyboard

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