Geek Customized SK61 61 Keys Mechanical Keyboard NKRO Gateron Optical Axis Type-C Wired RGB Backlight White Case Gaming Keyboard

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Switch Brown Switch Color1 Pink / Switch Brown Switch Color1 White / Switch Blue Switch Color1 Pink / Switch Blue Switch Color1 White / Switch Red Switch Color1 Pink / Switch Red Switch Color1 White /

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Brand:Geek Customized
Keys Amount:61 Keys
Color:White, Pink
Switch:Gateron Switch (Blue Switch, Brown Switch, Red Switch)
Connection:USB Type-C Wired
Material:PBT + ABS
Cable:1.5m USB Cable
Size:295 * 105 * 45mm
System Support:for Mac / Windows / Android
Anti-Ghost Key:NKRO
Backlit:RGB backlight
Approximately 16.8 million color true RGB keyboards, with the driver can be configured with massive lighting effects.
2.Three FN
3-layer editable download function, FN1/FN2/FN3 user-defined.
3.FLASH memory
Onboard FLASH memory unit could storage configuration to the keyboard offline.
Ergonomic design, no feel fatigue after long term use.
Full anti-ghosting.Full keyboard keys without conflict, enjoy the process without any obstacles.
6.setting and update
Support each motherboard BLOS setting, support USB online update program.
7.Small and protable
Small and protable easy to carry, play computer game, mobile games.
Waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-proof, IP68 waterproof grade.
PC Software Geek Starter Download
Fn function description
FN + Esc:`:FN + Q:Driver mode
FN + shift + Esc:~:FN + W:Layer1/Fn1
FN + 1:F1:FN + E:Layer2/Fn2
FN + 2:F2:FN + R:Layer3/Fn3
FN + 3:F3:FN + P:Backlight brightness-
FN + 4:F4:FN + [:Backlight mode 1-5
FN + 6:F6:FN +:Backlight mode 6-9
FN + 7:F7:FN +:Backlight Effect Speed –
FN + 8:F8:FN + ‘:Backlight Effect Speed +
FN + 9:F9:FN + 鈫/span>:Backlight On/Off
FN + 0:F10:FN + |:SL
FN + -:F11:FN + O:PB
FN + +:F12:FN + J:Ins
FN +:鈫/span>:FN + L:PU
FN + Alt:鈫/span>:FN + M:Del
FN + Mune:鈫/span>:FN +
FN + Ctrl:鈫/span>:FN + >:PD
Package Included
1 * Geek Customized SK61 61 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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