Vention CDLH0 USB 2.0 Audio GB External Sound Card for Laptop PC PS4 Surface

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Name:USB external sound card
Appearance color:dark space gray
Interface type lusb2.0a male, 3.5mm female
Interface version:USB2.0
Interface process:gold plating
Sampling rate:44.1/48 k @ 16 bit
Sound track:2.1 sound track
Transmission direction:USB revolution earphone headset 2 in 1
Shell material:aluminum alloy +ABS
Product size:24mm*18mm*11mm
1.USB External Sound Card:Enjoy music and chating on computer,
cellphone headset also works
2.Dual Function,Listen+Talk:Make the headset can be voiced,
and protect the sound card from being damaged
3.Earphone to Computer:Turn USB into 2-in-1 3.5mm audio port for listening to music and voice functions
4.Computer to Speaker:Listen to music,watch movies,and feel the immersive sound
5.Compatible with OMTP/CTIA Earphones:Solve the problem that the phone earphone only has
accompaniment or background sound,microphone invalid,etc.
6.Filter Out Noise,Purer Sound:High fidelity noise reduction design to avoid transmission
interference and restore music original sound
7.Smart Chip,Clearer Sound:Independent sound card chip, make sound clearer
8.Details Material:Gold-plated Interface
Alloy Casing
Q:Does the sound card have noise and current
A1:Check if the interface is inserted
A2:Check if there is any wireless interference around.
Q:Why is the sound card hot
A:The USB sound card is an independent sound card with a smart chip, so the product will be slighty hot when working,which is normal.
Q:Why am I plugged in without sound
A:Check if the earphones are plugged into the sound card.
If the computer does not switch automatically.go to Control Panel-Sound-Play-select USB2.0 Audio to confirm.
Package Included
1 * Vention CDLH0 USB external sound card

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