EVESKY 750WS Gaming Power Supply Desktop Host Power Supply 12cm Fan Rated 550W Dual 6Pin Non-modular Power Supply

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Applicable type:desktop
PFC type:active PFC
Type:ATX power supply
Rated power:550W
Fan:12cm hydraulic black double frame
Input voltage:220-240VAC
Main power interface:20 + 4p
CPU12V power interface:(p4 + 4) * 1
D type 4pn interface:3
SATA interface:3
6PIN + 2PCI-E interface:2
Power cord length:1.5m
1.With wide stability, game is great and fast, and working noiselessly.
2.Grid cooling hole:with grid cooling hole, make the air circulate quickly, improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and better protect the internal components of the power supply.
3.Galvanized double core filter:reduce the 50 Hz cycle wave, so that the voltage is almost stable at 220 V, so that the use of electrical appliances for a longer time, better for electrical appliances.
4.All copper core transformer:the current DC-ERL-35 all copper core main transformer is adopted, the inner part is designed with all copper core without virtual standard, which can maintain voltage stability while working with high efficiency current exchange.
5.Appearance:this computer power supply with good appearance, is exquisite and beautiful.
Package Included
1* EVESKY 800WS Gaming Power Supply

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