Huion A2 LED Light Pad Tracing Copy Board Ultra Thin Light Pads Professional Animation Tracing Light Boxes Panels Drawing

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4.Active Area:520*320mm
5.Work surface:Acrylic panels
6.Light source of:LED
7.Color temperature(K):8000-10000
8.Lumen Output(LM):380
9.Brightness:550cd/銕br />10.Evenness (%):83%
11.Working Voltage:DC12V
12.Rated power:10W
13.Net Weight/ piece:2KG
1.Super bright light- Huion LED light box comes with many super bright LED lamps in it which can see through very thick paper.
2.Adjustable illumination- The light Box comes with a simple touch button.You only need to touch the button, then you can turn on/off it and adjust the brightness as you want.The dimming is gradual, not in steps like low, medium, and high.Also, after you turn it off and restart it, it remembers your last setting and restarts at that setting.
3.Light-weight and sleek in design- With a compact and elegant design, Huion LED Light Box is considered to be the thinn er light board
in the field with only 11mm of thickness.And the multiple size A2/A3/A4 are all available for your choice.
4.Special acrylic surface- Huion use special acrylic surface, which makes it feel like a glass panel but much stronger than glass.
5.Eyesight-protected Technology- The LED Light pad is designed for everyone whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional artist.
Eyesight-protected Technology is designed in it, and that’s perfect for sketching, drawing,animation making, calligraphy and tattoo tracing.
6.Simple operation- The Light Pad doesn’t need to install any software, you just need to insert the plug we enclosed, turn it on then you can start your creative work.
Applications1) Professional Copy in Animation, Cartoon
2) Tattoo Tracing, Craft Projects, Fabric Design
3) Photograph, Film, Slider Transferring
4) Professional Tracing in Indoor, Architecture, Design and Drawing
5) As X-ray viewer in Hospital
A.LED tracing board
B.Adapter (A free plug adapter will be sent according to your country)
C.User manual
D.Huion Holding Tracing Paper Clip

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