Portable Electric Mini Desktop Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable USB Keyboard Cleaner Super Wind

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1.Name:USB Desktop Cleaner;
3.Color:Black, Pink;
5.Size:90 * 85 * 85mm;
6.Charging time:2 hours;
7.Battery Capacity:750mAh;
1.In order to prevent paper dust from floating and dust, the design of 360-degree rising wind and spiral wind blades make it easy to deal with various cleaning.
2.Clean the dust and soot inside the computer keyboard to protect the keyboard from damage;
3.When the battery is low, the power indicator flashes red.When the battery is full, the power indicator is always red.
4.High toughness nylon brush for more durability;
5.Turn the counterclockwise to open the bottom cover, and pour waste into the trash bin.After finishing, align the card slot, turn clockwise to close and use;
Package includes
1 * Desktop Cleaner
1 * Charging Cable

Weight 0.6 kg


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