Coolmoon BILLOW 4PCS 120mm Multilayer Backlit RGB Cooling PC Fans Mute Computer PC Case Cooling Fan with the Remote Control

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3.Item:RGB Cooling PC Fans
4.Color:12 monochromatic lights, Multilayer Backlit RGB
5.Speed:1400RPM ± 10%
6.The noise value:25DBA ± 10%
7.Voltage:12V DC 5V DC
8.Fan Interface:6Pin
9.Estimated Life Span:30000Hrs
10.Bearing:Hydrablic Bearing
11.Wind Flow:37.8CFM ± 10%
13.Size:120 * 120 * 25mm
1.Multi-layer thin aperture magic color fan, 12 monochromatic lights;
2.Fast cooling to keep the mining machine operate normally and durable.
3.Electronic commutation outer rotor DC fan, a complete electronic commutation components.
4.Wireless remote control with intelligent control box, remote control, speed control.
Package Included
4 x RGB Cooling Fan
1 x Romote Control
1 x Romote Control (Connected with the Accessory Line)

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