2-in-1 Type-C USB 3.0 External CD DVD Player Optical Drive CD Burner

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5.Read speed:dvd-rom 8x;Cd-rom 24 x
6.Write speed:DVD 8x, CD 24x
7.Support CD size:80mm, 120mm
8.Support:Windows/Vista/Linux/ for MacOS-System
9.Interface:Type-C and USB 3.0
1.Equipped with type-c and USB dual connector.
2.Driver free, plug and play (except for win98 system, which needs to be installed)
3.Fully support DOS startup and system recovery issues
4.Special strength error correction, shock proof, low noise, horizontal or self-supporting operation
5.Circuit optimization design energy saving and low power consumption, no extra power supply
6.The machine adopts SATA interface, dvd-rw original imported movements, with high quality Strong stability, read the speed of the functional advantages, winning customer recognition.
7.The machine has a unique burn-proof control chip embedded in it.In the process of recording, you can effectively prevent the probability of breaking the disc and super-strong error-correcting function of reading the disc.
8.You can backup the data and enjoy the high – fidelity audio DVD.CD.
9.Can play CD, DVD, VCD and many other formats
1.PC needs to be connected to the back end usb interface for use, since the front usb port of PC is extended out, the power supply is insufficient, not necessarily can be used.
2.Tablets are not supported
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1 * External CD DVD Player

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