Water Liquid Cooling 4Pin 3 Way Flow Meter with thermometer G1/4 Threaded Connector

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1.Product Name:Water Liquid Cooling 3 Way Flow Meter
4.Thread Connector:G1/4
5.Thread Inner Diameter:9.4mm
6.Thread Outer Diameter:12.8mm
7.Color:Clean & Green
8.Material:Acrylic + Metal
9.Thermometer Color:Black
10.Power Interface:4Pin
11.The power cable length:50cm
12.The temperature probe cable length:95cm
1.This is a flow rate device with a digital display thermometer.
2.Water Cooling Speed Detector With Digital Display Thermometer Blue Backlight Volume of the flow rate device:40 * 40 * 25 mm
Package included
1 * Water Liquid Cooling 4Pin 3 Way Flow Meter With Thermometer G1/4 Threaded Connector

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