Multifunction Dust Cleaner Tool Natural Plant Soft Glue Clean for Keyboard PC

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Smell Rose /

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1.Product name:Clean soft glue
2.Smell:Rose / Jasmine
3.Materia:Water / Natural plant glue / Rose essential oil or Jasmine essential oil
5.Size(L x W):17.5*11.5cm
1.The natural plant glue has elastic and high density features, can be take out no residue.
2.Super strong adsorption force, to remove dust and bacteria almost all corner dirty things.
3.It will pack the dust as while absorption which make sure that your hands will not be stained dust and bacteria.
4.It can be multiple recycling used, without the need for being cleaned, environmental protection and super value.
5.Natural essential oil has bacteriostat and expelling parasite function.
6.Natural plant glue is non-toxic harmless.It doesn’t hurt human skin, environmental protection and natural degradation features.
With the increase of the use frequency, the soft glue color will darker gradually, please use the new product to replace.
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1X Multifuntion Dust Cleaner Tool Natural Plant Soft Glue Clean for Keyboard PC

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