Black Desktop Computer Case Double USB 3.0/2.0 interface Transparent Side Panel ATX Host Game PC Tower Case

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1.Name:Gaming PC Case
2.Motherboard:Compatible with micro-atx, mini-itx small and medium board
3.Video card:Compatible with 28cm video card
4.CPU Cooler:Supported Cooler whose Height below 15cm
5.Fan Position:2 * 120mm on the front panel and 1 * 120mm on the back
6.Optical Drive Position:None
7.3.5-inch HDD Bay:2
8.2.5 inch HDD Bay:1
1.Ultra-narrow frame full screen perspective, water cooling and acrylic perspective combination.
2.Clear perspective side board hardware, perspective effect glance, bring visual enjoyment.
3.The line is concise, the curve is fruity, whole massiness is easy, firm and soft aid.
4.Perfect combination of polishing and local drawing.The structure is clear without edges and corners, avoiding damage to players in special cases.
5.Small motherboard full compatibility, support m-atx, mini-itx motherboard, can perfectly support the platform built by the three motherboards.
6.Support 180mm wide CPU radiator, 340mm long graphics card, support more than 90% of the market high-end graphics card.
7.Super processing speed, conform to The Times of hard disk digital, support SSD*1 and HDD*2.
8.Direct pressure type heat dissipation duct, heat dissipation effect is remarkable.
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1 * Gaming PC Case

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